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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 16, 2021

The Adventuring Party - Episode 653

This week's hosts: Savage, Hida O-Win, Scarr, and Liam

Editor – Scarr

Apologies for the delay, folks.

This week, The Party discuss the comings and goings in the wargame, convention and streaming spaces as of late.

Show notes:

01:03: Warhammer Plus

02:31: I think it’s the 42nd Millenium at this stage.

03:57: The only context you deserve

05:10: Can’t find the original art, but here's the mini

12:01: Liam mentions Book of Choyer for Warhammer Fantasy lore. For 40k stuff, I’m a big fan of 40k Theories, who does both Lore For Newcomers and deepdive fan speculation. I also like the new podcast Adeptus Ridiculous, but they’re Not Worksafe so I won’t link them here.

13:15: Not sure the math agrees with you there Eoin: WD was weekly from 2014-2016, so 144 issues would only go back 6-7 years.


17:05: Here’s the promised breakdown.



29:48: Magic: The Gathering's special 'wacky fun' card sets.

32:06: I have fond memories of bumping into Eoin after AoS first came out, watching him tear at his beard screaming ‘AND THEN SIGMAR FLEW INTO SPACE ON A COMET OF PURE SIGMARITE!!!”

32:58: Only writer of Gary Gygax's Appendix N who's still alive.

33:37: If you weren’t aware, Warhammer Fantasy Battle will be returning as Warhammer: The Old World.

34:44: Planescape and Exalted

37:49: Coincidentally, Kill Team is also getting a new release very soon.


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