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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 19, 2010

Theatrics vs Human Perception: As in times gone by, the gamer is oft called upon to display feats of great informedness. Shane, Dave, humbug and Liam instruct you on the specifics of Heavy Gear, complete with pre-packaged opinions for you to pretend to share. It's a bit like My Fair Lady, with particle cannons. Features:

  • The Haiti bundle! (available after the start of the 20th in EST, America)
  • Restraint in the face of Liam's face
  • Heavy Gear
  • Shane's Heavy Gear Brain Junkyard
  • Shane's munificence
  • Tannhauser gates
  • Chess pieces
  • Getting to the robots
  • Agility out the arse
  • Peace through superior typos
  • A new despotic regime
  • Science
  • 10% crew casualties, minimum 1!
  • Cigarskill
  • Blue Angels
  • Cardboard for back armour
  • A guy-killing gun and feet
  • Gulags over violence
  • The pistol-whippin' bit
  • Things you'd do if you had giant robots and a planet with at least one hole in it
  • Fight o' the week
  • The way that Hevay Gears brain
  • Wrecking the world though player characterism
  • The fastest man on Terra Nova
  • Heavy Espionage
  • Places to stick your XP

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