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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 13, 2018

This week's hosts: Mary, Seán and special guest Shiv

This weeks editor: Ian


This week, the party discuss When a GM should say No to players


01:00 – Seán is already maligning the special guest.

02:33 – GM’ing is like parenting

03:04 – Mary: “Shes going to the Darkside already! That was quick. Ok, podcast over, everybody go home.”

03:42 – Shiv describes when she created a character with the feat of “Appropriate clothing” and so every scene would have a different outfit, appropriate to the circumstances... this including swimming and mining gear.

03:57 – It was Gurps Discworld Shiv… Gurps Discworld… I’m not sure how I survived GM’ing that game.

04:12 – Yes Seán, I should have said no…. you have no idea.

04:36 – Shiv Questions Seans reasons

05:24 – Mr No backs down pretty quick

07:11 – The GM who says yes is actually the mean one

07:55 – Explicit content avoidance

08:18 – Mary creates a new spinoff podcast

09:09 – Quote of the episode “I played romance chicken… and I won!”

12:14 – Shiv burns everything her players care about

14:45 – Seán loves his story very very much

15:51 – Mary’s considered and reasoned judgement of a player choosing an awkward character

18:31 – The Prometheus lamentation

24:00 – Mary is idealistic and optimistic about players

26:07 – #Notallgnolls

27:54 – Culinary thoughts on simian appendages

28:47 – Is no the new Yes?

32:07 – #Gnomelove