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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 30, 2010

Con:  Fresh from the con-face, our heroes bring you tales of derring-do - at the gaming table!  In the pub!  Upon cartons of mashed potatoes!  Q-Con has happened again, and it brought a lot of very cheap drinking, along with some games.  Features:

Jun 23, 2010

Exp:  Cheapass Games have been a constant in shops, on trade stands and at convention main hall tables for years, but it's easy not to notice them.  Shane, humbug, Liam, Cillian and Dizzy take a look at some of the many Cheapass games.  Features:

Jun 16, 2010

+1 Int:  Having only managed to touch on RPGs and LARPs in last week's episode, Shane, humbug, Liam, Cillian and Dizzy return to examining the forthcoming Q-Con by looking at... everything else.  Features:

Jun 9, 2010

Int: Kicking back into the con groove, Shane, humbug, Liam, Cillian and Dizzy take a long-winded look at what Q-Con's promising us at the end of this month.  RPGs and LARPs feature this week, and there's so much stuff that the remainder will have to wait until next week!  Features:

  • Q-Con
  • Frequently asked...

Jun 2, 2010

Downtime:  Fudging is a despicable activity practised by depraved villains for their own perverse ends.  Perhaps someone you know could be a disgruntled saboteur, attacking your gaming enjoyment in order to fulfill their hidden desire to write a novel or screenplay.  Beware!  Liam, humbug and Dizzy find themselves...