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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 16, 2021

Episode 662

This week's hosts: Warlord Scarr & SavageMick

Editor - SavageMick

TOME ONE: THE DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE - In which the Warlord and the Savage read from the Book of Gygax and extol upon its virtues and lament its failings and generally amuse themselves, and hopefully some of you, with speculations on the...

Sep 9, 2021

The Adventuring Party - Episode 661

This week's hosts: Savage and Scarr, and special guest Decimus Observet

Editor – Scarr


This week, The Party discuss some mechanics you might wish to take from one RPG and place into others.

Image Source: Dave Catchpole on Flickr [

Sep 2, 2021

Episode 660

This week's hosts: Xaosseed, Scarr, HidaOWin & SavageMick

Editor - SavageMick

This week the Party goes behind a transparent screen to read the GM's upside-down notes on Quantum Ogres. We examine the idea of transparency in roleplaying games and what, or how much, of the inner workings of a game you should...