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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 28, 2010

Downtime:  Happy memories!  Shane, humbug, Liam, Dizzy and Cillian cast their minds back over their con-attending careers to talk about some of the role-playing scenarios that really stood out as being great, either because they actually were great or just because of where our own heads were at the time. ...

Jul 21, 2010

+1 Per:  With more enthusiasm than any human could bear to hear in one sitting, Shane, Dave, Dizzy and Liam return for the second part of the excited ramblings about their experiences at Berget, the world's biggest airsoft game with a large chunk of LARP mixed in.  If you haven't listened to part 1, go do that now. ...

Jul 14, 2010

Per:  With the series of episodes examining what's going on in the greater sphere of gaming which brought us interviews with Camarilla organisers and Lorien Trust players as an excuse, Shane, Dave, Dizzy and Liam go on at great length about their action-packed holiday at Berget in Sweden.  More than an airsoft game,...

Jul 7, 2010

Int:  Not long now until the anticipated BroCon hits us, the University of Limerick's combined gaming and anime convention.  Shane, humbug, Dizzy and Liam check out the offerings listed on their website.  Well, Shane does, anyway.  Features:

  • BroCon
  • River navigation
  • Drunken yahooery
  • Dr. Stimulance and his porn star...