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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 31, 2011

+3 Downtime:  What to do when a player, or worse yet several players, miss a role-playing game session?  Ignore it?  Give them diarrhoea?  Send them down the hallways first to set off all the traps?  Shane, humbug, Cillian, and Liam gather round to throw about some ideas, most of which are decidedly unsatisfactory....

Aug 24, 2011

+2 Downtime:  Trapped on 3 separate desert islands, Shane, Cillian, and Liam struggle to decide which games they'll bring with them, being limited to only 5 each in the traditional fashion!  Pull up a piƱa colada and join the fun as we select the cream of the crop based on accessability, replayability, and usefulness...

Aug 17, 2011

+1 Downtime:  Where is the line drawn between player and game master when it comes to defining facts about the setting of a role-playing game?  Shane, Stu, and humbug utterly fail to solve a problem that's never really existed anyway.  Features:

Aug 8, 2011

Per:  With all of the big gaming releases happening in and around now, Shane, Stu, Liam, and humbug get together to ignore not being at any of the major exciting events by digging about online to see what's supposed to be coming out.  If you're particularly uninformed in general, this might even be mildly interesting to...

Aug 3, 2011

Downtime:  Cross-over - a shadowy flight into the dangerous life of a man who does not exist.  Not a very common technique in role-playing games but with definite familiarity to everyone; Shane, Cillian, and humbug bounce around some ideas and discuss the pit-falls and triumphs possible when mixing and matching.