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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 29, 2023

The Adventuring Party - Episode 757

This week's hosts: Shane, Mick, Eoin, and Special Guest Billy, AKA Xaosseed

Editor – Shane

This week, The Party and their Special Guest, Xaosseed of the Seed of Worlds blog, discuss the upcoming 5e re-release of the D&D setting of Planescape. We discuss the setting, and whether the...

Jul 22, 2023

Episode 756

This week's hosts - Hida-O-Win & Warlord Scarr

Editor - SavageMick

"On deadly ground, fight!"

So says the original source of all tactical wisdom - flavour text on an L5R card. When you want to spice up your table-top encounters, be they fully fleshed out with a ransom of Dwarven Forge terrain or simply...

Jul 16, 2023

The Adventuring Party - Episode 755

This week's hosts: Shane, Eoin, and Special Guest Chris, AKA Kiffer_geo

Editor – Shane

This week, The Party discuss home bases in RPGs: What the benefits are to characters and to players, and also some of the reasons that many parties ignore the whole idea.


Tome of Gygax - The Full Scroll!

Jul 13, 2023

Hello folks. Are you one of the dozens of hopefuls looking for our unique and ground-breaking series, where myself,The Honorable Sanguine of Gore, Warlord Scarr, and my eternal dogsbody and blood-bonded gopher, Savage Mick, read the original AD&D 1E Dungeon Masters Guide, by Gary Gygax? Well, fret not, as we...

Jul 7, 2023

Episode 754

This week's hosts - Hida-O-Win & Warlord Scarr
Special Guest - Kiffer_Geo

Editor - SavageMick

Can anything be reduced to a simple number? When it comes to weapons the answer is YES!
Sword is um... 8 and dagger is 4. Job done!
Reach? Um, how about 5? 6?
Huh.., maybe we do need a few more numbers, and maybe...