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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Now with added Podcast!

Apr 30, 2014

If you've checked the Adventuring Party update already today, you may have noticed there were shownotes but no actual podcast, as such. Well, this has now been corrected. The recording is now available as usual. Thank you for your attention, you may return to your regularly scheduled life.

Apr 30, 2014

This week the Adventuring Party reviews Itzacon, raves about Dungeons and Donuts, goes off topic with breathless enthusiasm, and forays into stunningly awkward middle-class white Irish rap.


  • 0.38: Oh God, I wish this wasn't about to happen
  • 0.50: The Internet seems to disagree with me about Bulworth being...

Apr 23, 2014

The Adventuring Party put on their black hats this week and partake in the destruction of a city, with the loss of many innocent lives. Afterwards, we played and reviewed the boardgame Rampage, wherein the players are giant monsters fighting one another and everyone else in an urban landscape. Spoilers:...

Apr 15, 2014

This week we dig into our bulging mail bag, and deign to answer one of the many thousands of questions we've received from our adoring throng. The question concerns violence in role-playing games. I don't want to give away more than that. Suspense!


  • 0.50: Something strikes me as slightly insincere about...

Apr 8, 2014

Do you hear that? That glorious sound? That's the sound of the The Crush approaching an end. The mad rush of Irish gaming conventions is drawing to a close once again with Vaticon in UCD, and the Adventuring Party is here to give you our wild, unwelcome opinions on it.

Vaticon link


  • 1.02: Who are these lazy...