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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 4, 2017

This week's hosts: Cathal, Liam, Mary and Sean

This week the party discusses snowflake characters, what are they and does everyone need to have one?

Show notes:

  • 00:23     Boardgame cafe in Cork doing a kickstarter to stock their boardgames library. If you feel like supporting them follow the LINK.
  • 01:52    This isn't judging other players by the way, I just have "Escapism" as very high on my list of priorities for entertainment be that roleplaying, reading or watching tv - Cathal
  • 05:25   Traveller and its lifepath system
  • 07:10    Serenity/Firefly
  • 07:56    Pathfinder
  • 10:02    Convention-games vs Home-games
  • 12:20    Character Backstory vs World Backstory
  • 13:30    Is skilled writing (or lack thereof) to blame?
  • 14:20    What is a backstory for?
  • 16:05    Collateral damage, a fantastic idea for wanting vengeance.
  • 20:50    Tune in next time and we might tell you if he survived
  • 21:00    Heavy Gear
  • 21:55    GMs just say NO!
  • 25:53    It may be bad form but I'm giving quote of the episode to myself "Your parents, no they're dead, your sister, no she's dead, do you care about anybody? YOUR Gold, actually your gold is here and it's been kidnapped!"
  • 26:39    Party self-correction of overly snowflaked characters.
  • 30:27    GM using backstory to torment players.
  • 33:39    Aberrant