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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 3, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, Brian and Seán.

This week, as the party's Deadlands Classic campaign draws to an end, the party discuss its Edges and Hindrances.

Show notes:
01:59 - Deadlands classic
04:50 - Difficult builds Shaman & Mad scientist
05:54 - Grit versus pulp
07:00 - Stat talk. As a rough guide the stats are:
Cognition - General spotting/noticing stat
Knowledge - Book smarts mental stat
Mien - Charisma and talkin to folk
Smarts - Practical smarts mental stat
Spirit - Will
Deftness - Physical stat for shootin and fine work
Nimbleness - Physical stat to fightin and rough stuff
Quickness - initiative
Vigor - Constitution
09:02 - Lethality
11:44 - Adventuring burning XP
13:00 - Catch-up
20:00 - Bad guts or poor luck means no acting and no fun
21:38 - Pluses hard to get minuses abound
37:33 - True grit showdown