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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 5, 2015

Hello listeners! This week we present an episode the gang recorded on-site at NomCon last weekend, reviewing said Convention before they had even left it. This is fresh podcasting, hot off the griddle! 

  • 0.47: I was really hoping that sentence would end with “... white jackets to take us all away.”
  • 1.48: Oh. That's actually quite sad. “Yes indeed, I will serve you a drink, young lady who is dressed as a space-pirate-zombie-killer. And I will think about my own daughter, and how I will afford to feed her when I am let go.”
  • 16.06: Quote of the Episode: “You have to go now, with all of your Water Walking spells. Into the desert with you!”
  • For all other show-notes, visit this link: