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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 10, 2016

Hosts: Oisin, Ian, Sean Eoin

This week we discuss the wonderful Warpcon, jewel in the crown of the Cork gaming scene!


Show Notes:

2.44 Garnish House

3.06 Adventuring Party Pub Quiz

4.39 Ian begins setting up his LARP

5.13 Gilgamesh

8.54 Midway

9.43 Ian finishes setting up his LARP. It's certainly not the Crystal
Maze, if that's what you're asking.

13.57 A Study in Emerald

17.35 Higher Powers

20.34 Sushi Go

20.37 Guillotine

22.00 Munchkin

22.45 Through the Ages

23.30 Gamers bid 1,000 Euro for nothing

24.43 John Kovalic is mandatory

25.57 GoT card game

27.00 Our Roving LARP reporter

28.10 Mysterium

30.40 Quote of the Episode "You build up a psychic dialogue with the ghost, in real life, as  the game goes on."

31.00 Warpcon closing ceremony

31.45 NOCPRAW!