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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 22, 2020


This week's hosts: Shiv, Eoin, Savage and Shane

This week, the party return to the topic of roleplaying online internet, one month on, and relates their trials and triumphs in the new isolated game-o-sphere.

Show notes:

01:30: Foundry Virtual Tabletop

01:50: Roll20

02:24: Discord, used to record these Covid-era episodes

02:58: Sadly, we never got around to talking about boardgames in the actual episode, so I’ll just link to Board Game Arena here and hope that’s good enough for the curious.

16:45: The death of Pointless Table Chatter?

18:55: Savage stealing bread out of the mouths of Mr. Roll20’s newborn children

21:55: The problem of hearing about something but not being able to ‘see’ it on the virtual table.

25:20: Are VTTs just highlighting communication problems we already had?

27:38: Some sadly realistic predictions from Eoin

29:30: Has the training online helped us all rise to be better GMs and players?


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