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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 5, 2014

In this week's episode of Monte Cook's The Adventuring Party by Monte Cook, we review and rate his recently released RPG, Numenera – a game we've followed from its inception through to its release, and now get to analyse in-depth, like a scrivener rummaging through chicken guts.


Website for Numenera

  • 1.46: No one can replace Humbug.
  • 2.16: The Cypher System.
  • 3.00: 10,000 hours theory. It's a real thing!
  • 3.58: I strayed onto Oisin's turf here. Stay off the East Side!
  • 5.48: Here comes the B-dog to drop some truth bombs!
  • 10.36: One of them is a big pit in the ground with spikes at the bottom and a sign saying “Free XP”. That one's a doozy.
  • 13.07: None of your heathen blabber here, Ois.
  • 14.24: This fundamental concept of mathematics brought to you by Icecream Cian.
  • 15.14: Like Michael Phelps
  • 15.46: Unless you're an EXCEPTIONALLY good cheat
  • 20.37: Like Michael Phelps
  • 28.23: That's why I never make plans
  • 31.01: So, 30 minutes in, I finally get around to saying what Numenera is really about
  • 37.41: “I do whatever to you that I want”. That's a very awkwardly constructed sentence.
  • 48.33: "Ladies" count – 3
  • 49.21: That book is now out, though I've not yet bought it. I probably will. It might have naughty illustrations.


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