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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 27, 2017

This week's hosts: Eoin, Brian, Liam and Seán.

This week, the party reviews books that gamers may like, or books that they like, or just books they want to argue about... it gets a bit out of hand to be honest.



Show notes:


00:57 – Quote of the episode: “The bar is going to be pretty low today” (Instilling listener confidence)

03:04 – Delicious in Dungeon by Ryoko Kui

03:04 – Walking mushroom and giant centipede hotpot

04:25 – Liam asserts that lack of vitamins can take down a party

05:22 – How to cook a cockatrice

07:50 – We are Legion, We are Bob by Dennis E Taylor

09:09 – Von Newman Probe

12:59 – East of West

15:15 – Apocalypse Now-ish

17:48 – Liam only liked it for the pictures

19:17 – Kings of the wyld by Nicholas Eames

21:27 – Liam makes a truly atrocious pun, you have been warned

22:20 – A long audio book debate

26:10 – Liam, having not learned his lesson, makes another terrible pun

26:43 – Dr Strange: The last days of magic

29:50 – A long Marvel Debate

32:02 – The Wind up girl by Paulo Bacigalupi

33:43 – Automated Life Companion

37:00 – “If your village is infected with blister rust then your whole village is gonna burn.” … Wise words

38:40 – Black Clover

44:20 – the strategy “None of you are allowed to lose.”

45:05 – A crown for cold silver by Alex Marshal

48:22 – Demonic chickens!

49:55 – The Shadow of What is Lost by James Islington