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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 10, 2017

This week's hosts:  Liam, Oisin and Ian

This week, the party discuss the differencebetween ongoing Larps and singlerun Larps as well as the merits and challenges of each.

01:06 - Oisin and Ian cautiously admit their credentials
02:09 - Consequences...
03:12 - Oisin can PVP you right in the back (not a euphemism)
05:00 - The first mention of The Academy of Eblana... It's awesome, you should come play.
05:38 - A really terrible angry dwarf impersonation.
08:07 - Quote of the episode "There was a stranger who came in to the town, we didn't like the cut of his jib so we murdered him."
11:00 - Players man... Players
11:44 - See you Jimmy!
15:22 - Getting robbed at the Lorien Trust
16:28 - Bartle taxonomy of player types
17:59 - Welcome to my Larp, would you like to be typecast today?
23:38 - writing soooooo many character interactions
24:08 - We all say "Yeh" a lot
28:49 - The time a player played his characters dead body for 3 hours
30:49 - The Loss of Moon and all that came of it
32:20 - Where Liam doesn't understand our pain