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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 14, 2016

This week's hosts: Eoin, Brian and Cathal

This week, we discuss the idea that you should be giving your GM 9 NPCs

Show notes:

0:56 – Cortex

1:45 – Players don’t like Homework

4:15 – Poor Elminster

5:05 – Ah! Jimenmarvinluder, I know him well!

5:46 – The Players disregard filter is prone to false positives

6:15 – Brian sees the point of homework

7:25 – Quote of the episode “There’s a reason that goblin has three heads, and it’s my fault.”

11:05 – Elminster gets his own back

15:15 -  Mayor Insano the black terror, or as I call him, Dad.

17:36 – Another Meta layer of contacts (What’s the first Meta-layer?)

18:13 – Munching your Allies

21:55 - <boring gamer story> (By Brian’s own admission)

22:25 - </boring gamer story>

24:19 – Making people care… or something

27:16 – The danger of the descent in to murder-hoboism

34:15 –Squeezing more flesh on to your skeleton character

35:53 – Tell us we’re horrible people