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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 1, 2020

Episode 598

This week's hosts: Shane, Eoin & Savage. Also returning from a short hiatus - Special Guest and Super Special Friend of the Party - OG Shane!

No one ever said this was going to be a fair fight. We are continuing the RPG grand melee we started last week. Liam has subbed out, but we have returning host Evil Robot Shane, another grizzled veteran of the tabletop trenches, to help us separate the Lords of War from the Cannon Fodder. FIGHT!

Shownotes -

Bracket 09: MechWarrior [ ] vs Advanced D&D 1st Edition [ ]

Bracket 10: d6 StarWars (Westend Games) [ ] vs WoD Werewolf [ ]

Bracket 11: WoD Changeling [ ] vs Big Eyes, Small Mouth [,_Small_Mouth ]

Bracket 12: Deadlands [ ] vs WoD Promethean [ ]

Bracket 13: Ars Magica [ ] vs Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition [ ]

Bracket 14: Tales from the Loop [ ] vs WoD Mage [ ]

Bracket 15: WoD Vampire [ ] vs Mutants & Masterminds [ ]

Bracket 16: Lancer [ ] vs Advanced D&D 2nd Edition [ ]


This image shows you the bracket matchups and winners. If you don't want to ruin the suspense then DO NOT LOOK. (Afterwards definitely DO look. I made it myself.)

- SavageMick



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