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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 12, 2015

Let the FLAMES BEGIN! This week, we discuss the amazingly unpopular Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop; why it's always sensible to have a hilariously large fake moustache with you when you play it; and the merits of a nice plate of Marneus Calgar.

Show notes:

048: It's Ubuntu! It's neither strange nor dodgy. The netbook ITSELF, on the other hand...

1.18: The End Times. You're bloody well knicked, Warhammer me old mate!

1.57: Archaon! Lord of the End Times! Who became Archaon because he was researching who Archaon was!

3.26: This is all true.

9.18: Quote of the Episode: “If you're a jerk and you put down a unit of twenty snotlings, and poor Graham only had fifteen Bloodthirsters; he has the advantage”

11.40: Because otherwise all the COOL gaming kids will be like “move out the way, pops, you old and busted” and heaven knows nobody wants THAT.

12.20: Oh yeah, sure, here comes Eoin with a REAL reason. Pfffft!

12.56: That's actually pretty funny. Good work, GW.

16.29: The Screaming Bell has effectively become the Golden Snitch.

27.05: Humbug, you're a genius.

29.01: This week's episode of the Adventuring Party brought to you by Fantasy Flight Games!