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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 12, 2014

Recorded live at GAS Con in Dublin, this week's episode of the Adventuring Party is a twofer; it's both a panel at a Convention, and a discussion (with a dash of argument) about the phenomenon of media-jumping in gaming.


As I edit this it's ridiculously late and I'm very tired, so I apologise in advance for the surly show notes.

  • 4.07: Ascension
  • 4.38: Gaze upon this horror and know despair. 
  • 5.38: Even worse than the time he bought 90 euro worth of being stabbed.
  • 6.13: The filthy audience begins to participate! Shudder at their grubby, proletarian opinions!
  • 6.30: Must you know everything, Eoin? Avalon Hill.
  • 7.00: Fantasy Flight's apparently far superior Civilization boardgame.
  • 8.21: Laser Squad
  • 10.26: DOOM the boardgame 
  • 10.53: Descent the boardgame 
  • 11.11: Too many boardgames, I'm sick of looking for links now.
  • 17.00: I suppose I should do a link for this bit. Card Wars. My will to live is dwindling.
  • 20.48: Something something something Humbug
  • 32.52: Thank you, one guy who laughed
  • 33.22: Check out VASSAL. It's horribly clunky, but it lets you play pretty much any board game on-line.
  • 34.36: Oh thank Christ

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