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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 10, 2019

This week's hosts: Seán, Liam & Shane.

This week the party discuss pre-game prep in all its forms. How much and what kind will help you run a smooth session? Can you get away with the bare minimum or is failure to prepare preparation for failure?

Show notes
01:00 - YOU ARE NOT PREPARED (I couldn't resist).

01:30 - Shane, you are a deeply odd fish and I love you for it.

02:05 - Fire trucks; Natural enemies of the vampire.

03:20 - Published Material - The natural end result of too much prep.

04:30 - 15 min. prep per play hour for a perfectly cooked session. Gas mark 4.

06:10 - I take it back - you have to prep the published stuff too.

08:20 - Three Dragon Ante (WotC)

10:55 - Coming Soon to The Adventuring Party - Players: Can they be trusted? (No, not really).

11:45 - Out of the Abyss (WotC)

13:25 - It's true - Liam can take a beating. He runs Pathfinder Society games after all.

16:00 - It's a universal truth that players will always hate on a random friendly NPC and it's not clear why.

21:35 - Night's Black Agents (Pelgrane Press) Turning pyramid schemes into a useful framework.

24:10 - Conspyrimid: Sounds like a mid-2000's gaming convention.

26:30 - Prep to improv. Very Zen.

27:45 - Pathfinder NPC Codex (Paizo)

29:45 - D&D Beyond (Fandom Games)

34:35 - Versimilitude!!!

37:30 - This sounds suspiciously like a round-up and maybe some actionable advice.

39:50 - Finally some prep for things other than RPG's. Are you happy now?!