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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 14, 2018

This week's hosts: Mary, Seán, Oisin and Ian

This week the party set off for exotic shores on the hunt for rare species to bring you a review of the boardgame La Isla.

Show notes:

00:30 - La Isla 
01:00 - Stefan Feld is a prolific games designer 
01:17 - The board 
02:49 - Player cards and boards 
04:32 - You can usually tell which language an Irish gamer did for their leaving cert by seeing which non-english ruleset they grab when all else fails
06:03 - CUBES!  
07:25 - TRACKS! 
09:25 - Very exact describtions. We should be sited in some nature journals.
11:06 - You can totally tell that Mary is all about mechanics.
15:50 - How cute! If you listen closely you can hear a snoring Satsu in the background :D
21:30 - Board in play
31:00 - Conclusions
34:15 - Delicious loop de loops