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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Nov 4, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 617

This week's hosts: Scarr, Savage Mick, and Gavin

Editor - Scarr

This week, the party come clean about our dark secret. Sometimes, we don’t use....all of the rules.

Show notes:

01:00: Whoops, dating our recording a little.

01;59: Savage is clearly a fan of the New Normal.

03:11: That would be Pathfinder, dear listeners, if you weren’t aware.

03:38: Apparently there was still ice in someone’s glass at this point.

06:40: WARNING – A lot of nice things are said about D&D 4th Edition in this segment.

08:06: Whippersnappers don’t appreciate nuthin’ in its time!

09:30: As seen here -

11:20: I am a very greedy man, shamelessly consuming spotlight time.

11:49: When has we ever shyed away from pointlessly repeating ourselves before?

12:50: Jack London, early 20th century novelist who wrote 'The Call Of The Wild'.

13:42: XP For Gold, a much maligned mechanic of Basic and Advanced 1e D&D, but one which has gained a lot of fans in the OSR.

14:30: Modern mechanics to get that old-school feel without the fiddley parts: Usage Dice and Slot-Based Inventory.

19:20: Most GMs have suffered through the ‘I have 500 of the inconsequential item on my person at all times!’ argument a few times.

21:30: Pellucidar, mysterious land at the Earth Core, and absolutely nothing to do with John Carter's Mars, which is what I was actually trying to reference.


29:55: Are we making our characters assuming they’ll be adventuring in infinite white featureless expanses?

32:49: Hah!

39:15: We Are Not Improving.


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