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Con:  Fresh (ish) from the constant barrage of madness that is Gaelcon, Shane, humbug and Liam manage to drum up enough residual excitement from their withered husks to report at what turns out to be great length on their antics at Ireland's national gaming convention.  After recording it turned out to be really quite long indeed so it's being inelegantly broken into two parts.  Check back next week for the second half!  Features:

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This week's episode is going to be a little late, because I pretty much slept through Tuesday when I should have been editing as a result of Gaelcon (and I'd do it again).  It'll be up as soon as I get it together.


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Exp:  Adopting a coincidental World War II theme in recent activities, Shane, humbug, Cillian, Liam and Stu provide their thoughts and opinions on the decrepit prison-break board game Escape From Colditz, and live-action Lovecraftian horror in the wilds of Northern Ireland in the Demands of the Deep LARP event.  Apologies for the sound quality resulting from a mistake in recording.  Features:

  • Gaelcon
  • Escape From Colditz on BoardGameGeek
  • These colours don't run
  • Irish Red Cross
  • A byword for ambiguity
  • The land before hexes
  • Tackling guards
  • Appel!
  • The other versions
  • Rules abuse, or lack-of-rules abuse
  • Crackdown
  • The Colditz Story movie on IMDB
  • Do or die!
  • Shoot to kill!
  • Bidding war
  • Larp NI (turns out they do have a website)
  • Arkham Gaming Centre
  • The gravy train
  • I forgot to mention the murder that started it all, of course
  • Rolling Library Use
  • Bank vault contrivance
  • Misdirected paranoia
  • Ritual requirements
  • What happened the fishmen?
  • Driving up North

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+1 Int: Because Gaelcon's so big it took an entire episode just to talk about the RPGs, so this episode Shane, humbug, Liam and Stu squash in everything else that's going on - LARPs, wargames, card games, computer games, special events, and social (drinking) stuff!  Getting very excited indeed. Features:

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Int:  Gaelcon is the main event in the Irish gaming calendar, a long weekend of wall-to-wall gaming, drinking, and buying stuff you absolutely have no use for.  In the first of what last year turned into about a million episodes Gaelcon-related, Shane, humbug, Liam and Stu take a look at what's on the cards in RPGs, and a bountiful selection it verily is.  Features:

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