The Adventuring Party
Discussing table-top and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to.

Hosts: Icecream, Brian, Eoin

This week we bring you a discussion on Shadowrun. New to the game and unsure where to start? Our fixers will give you the minimum you need to start running in the sixth world.  

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Hosts: Icecream, Brian, Eoin

This week we discuss a Gamer Alignment System that host Ice-cream devised some years back.

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Hosts: Icecream, Brian, Eoin

This week we discuss last weeks shock announcement from Fantasy Flight Games. Legend of the 5 Rings has been acquired, will be wound up and released as an LCG. Our CCG expert and leading L5R player Eoin catches us up on the reaction so far and what happens next.

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Hosts: Liam, Stu, Brian

This week, the Adventuring Party revisits an old favourite as we take the new version of Eight-Minute Empire (it's got Legends in the title, so it's a totally different game) out for a test drive. Is it a sequel? Should it have been an expansion? Is it any good? What, exactly, are feet for? All these questions, and more, are tackled in this week's episode!

Show Notes:

0.30 - 1.00: Opening Banter

1.00 - 25.11: Playing the game and learning the rules.

        - 6.47: Quote of the Episode: "That's my job. Just because I'm doing it badly doesn't mean you can take over!"

25.11 - 29.50: Scoring and strategy discussion 

29.50 - 36.10: Sequel vs. Expansion, production quality, optional rules, and Liam gives it a score

36.11 - 37.45: Closing banter and contractually obligated Pathfinder reference

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This week, the Adventuring Party wraps up it's discussion about North America's largest tabletop gaming event, Gen Con, with practical advice on how to get there, get somewhere to sleep, and spend only a reasonably insane amount of your hard-earned cash.


Join us, as the Professor primes his aether-pump and whisks us all away on an adventure unlike any other! See a land where plants walk like men, and dogs and cats wear business suits and perform surgeries! Marvel at the gastronomancy of the Atlantean Soupsorcerers! Gasp at the terrifying display performances of the uncanny Gymnastoraptors! All, this week, on another thrilling episode of the Fabjabulous Journodyssies of Professor Horatio Q. Burke!

Show Notes:

  • 1.25 - 4.30: Professor Horatio's advice on how to get to Gen Con
  •  - 2.48: It's the only hairy thing about One Direction.
  • 4.30 - 12.20: Professor Horatio's advice on how to get a place to sleep at Gen Con
  •  - 8.20: This episode's Phrase of the Week is "Chastity Pillow"
  • 12.20 - 16.46: How much Gen Con itself is going to cost you, you money-grubbing swine!
  •  - 12.34: True Dungeon is mental:
  •  - 14.14: Quote of the Episode: "Do you want some Jamaican barbecue?" "Yes" "Do you want some traditional barbecue?" "Yes" "Do you want some New Orleans barbecue?" "Yes" "Do you want some Paleo bar-" "No"
  • 16.46 - 18.04 - Professor Horatio's advice on how to choke out of a tournament gracefully
  • 18.18 - 21.50: General banter: missing out on events; Kickstarter games; the Adventurers League; the 1-kilogram event guide
  •  - 19.24: CROM! Conan: Rise of Monsters
  •  - 21.54: God damn it, Liam. I actually couldn't find a link to the document Eoin was talking about, but if anyone finds it just send me along the link and I'll update the show notes.
  • 21.58 - 24.09: How to keep your baggage space down
  •  - 23.00: Glorantha
  •  - 24.09: Son of Quote of the Episode: "Hello everyone, this is the Captain. Because of Eoin, we don't have enough fuel." "We have to jettison three babies"
  • 24.10 - End: Closing banter, Liam's Final Thoughts, and some parting advice from Professor Horatio.
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