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This week, the Adventuring Party discusses two upcoming Irish conventions: GAS Con and Leprecon


  • 0.43: I'm already willing to award Best Worst Joke of the Episode to Eoin for that one
  • 2.37: Damn, I jumped the gun on that award
  • 4.33: There's a big difference between an old, old city and an old, old, old, old city.
  • 4.39: The competition is getting pretty... stiff!
  • 5.14: This is what I'm referencing there. I got the bit about a ray wrong, though, it was toxic run off.
  • 5.46: And now Cillian's in the fray! Looks like you might not be holding on to that award until the end of the episode, Eoin.
  • 6.17: Iron Kingdoms
  • 6.55: A great number of games and books would disagree on this point
  • 7.30: Seriously, what's the point of reading blurbs if you can't do it with a silly accent?
  • 8.00: World of Darkness
  • 9.28: ...y?
  • 9.55: Seriously folks, he can keep this up all night
  • 10.23: COMICS ARE WEIRD on loan from Movie Bob 
  • 10.54: “Loveman was working on something big”. Amazing
  • 11.09: Aaaaaand it's official. The award moves from Eoin to Liam.
  • 13.07: Holy crap! Something Eoin doesn't know!
  • 13.24: Ian Hanmore of Dr. Who and Game of Thrones
  • 21.11: Deathwatch
  • 22.58: Megas XLR's intro tells you everything you need to know about the show. You'll know whether or not you like it from just that.
  • 26.17: Gamecraft Unplugged
  • 26.36: I meant opened late and closed EARLY

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This week Justicar Liam, Blackguard Icecream and Paladin Creanor discuss a social problem in gaming we have chosen to call “The Paladin Problem”, though I reckon it could equally be called “The Chaotic Conundrum”. 

I've fixed the problem with incorrect time-stamps by editing in the intro before I start editing the main episode. So, for the first time, my notes below will actually sync up with the episode. Huzzah!

  • 2.43: Some would say ADnD 2ed is the BEST DnD. Some would say it's the worst. Possibly it's just been around for so long, and was the Lingua Franca of RPGs for so long, that it has had time to be very, very divisive.
  • 3.23: It occurs to me that saying “I'm not... mad” could very well be taken as a sign that you are, in fact, crazier than a Dire Wolverine.
  • 3.50: I don't think that actually was Byron. 
  • 4.11: Which is completely different from catching A werewolf, a problem with it's own unique set of difficulties.
  • 4.58: DING DING DING! Lawful Stupid is today's prize phrase! You win a yacht!
  • 7.00: Uh-oh, the eye of judgement is starting to turn towards chaotic players. Might be time for me to leave.
  • 10.12: That's “Chaotic Evil” to you lot. Equally you could write “See me”, if you're also a teacher.
  • 12.45: Do it!
  • 13.19: Accessory to thinking about kicking a puppy
  • 16.45: Quote of the show “If you go down and murder an old man and steal his shoes... you get arrested, and we all get arrested as accessories”
  • 16.58: Real close to dropping an f-bomb there, Ois!
  • 18.43: Finally, a way to clean my soul of the black and horrifying sins I've committed!
  • 20.42: If you're interested in GMing for the Pathfinder Society, ping Liam an email at
  • 29.14: Hey! It's the name of the show!
  • 29.36: Oh here we go, Icecream is ragging on Fate again.
  • 34.07: What this? Role-playing in a gaming podcast? Disgraceful!
  • 36.56: Liam the Rogue is significantly raising the stakes from the few villages I'd been threatening earlier. Typical rogue behaviour.

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Everyone agrees that Warpcon was awesome, and we've got the discussion to prove it! Amidst fire and ruin, a great Con was run in the smouldering ashes of Cork*.

* - dramatisation, may not actually have occurred

Show notes and links:

  • 0.35: Don't worry boys, you've left it in safe hands. Heh. Heh heh heh. MUAH HA HA HAAAAA!
  • 1.00: I'm completely wrong about that, Humbug has done both a bunch of times
  • 1.43: Naturally, the first thing we discuss is the GREAT BLAZE OF UCC. 
  • 3.40: We finally get off the fire and onto the Con!
  • 5.40: “I'm drunk”, sure. But not “I'm stupid”
  • 7.08: What American General was so notorious for having prostitutes around his camp that his name became slang for them?
  • 9.30: This section is mostly incomprehensible. Apologies.
  • 9.49: A Few Acres of Snow
  • 11.10: Stay the hell away from my Future Daughter!
  • 11.35: Ivory Edition L5R
  • 17.57: These festivities are concluded!
  • 19.29: If you search for Pathfinder Society Ireland in Google, The Adventuring Party is the third link :)
  • 21.16: I'll leave it to your imagination what “Prrrrrp Time” is
  • 21.30: Food recommendation!
  • 21.59: Lies!
  • 22.07: Eldritch Horror
  • 23.25: Tzolk'in
  • 24.18: In fact, forget the Con
  • 26.20: My Chrono-Variance is starting to get out of hand.
  • 27.46: I felt my dreadful pun there was worthy of more attention. Now I'm going to cry and write about it on my Tumblr
  • 31.32: Rampage
  • 31.49: Jungle Speed - I got the name wrong during the episode
  • 34.11: Oisin had the Black Lung during this episode, this was the one time he wasn't able to hold it in. Stout man!


Oh God it just occurred to me that since I add the music and stuff after I finish doing the show notes that my times above are completely wrong and always have been oh god oh god


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It's our 5th annual Pub Quiz! My God, we've been doing this for a while now. I call it a "Radio Quiz" in the opening, but pay no attention to that. One extra point to anyone who sends proof they did the quiz in a Pub. Also, it's worth 50 yo-yos to the winner.

We will post the Answers podcast, along with the name of the winner, in March.

1.48: Didn't realise I had such strong opinions about the fetid, sweating deviants that wallow around EVE

2.40: I don't understand how either sports or maths work.

3.15: Tom Lehrer is basically awesome. You've probably heard this one.

3.49: Seriously, Chess Boxing is a real thing.

4.09: Bareback Opening, wha wha wha

4.50: I consider chess a terrible game, because I'm truly awful at it

5.02: Four Sarcasm Points awarded for that one

5.24: xkcd comic of how to play optimal tic-tac-toe (or naughts and crosses... or x's and o's)

5.51: Oisin is being very kind at this point

6.58: Thank God! We've started numbering questions again.

8.21: Bonus question! Why in God's name are we doing Nixon questions? Answers delivered in a cardboard box to the White House. We'll let you know if you get it right.

9.12: The penny finally drops! I was TOTALLY confused up until that point.

9.20: Yes, so the notes said “only war”, where they should have said “Only War”. Still, no excuse on my part!

11.11: I can read, honest.

12.11: This is the most in-jokey in-joke that has ever appeared on the show. The saga of Space Marine and Mage is at least 8 years old, and is mostly centred around a fictional 80s TV show for kids created by mad men. The theme tune we begin singing at 12.13 is not suitable for a family-friendly show such as ours!

14.00: Pro-tip; they do not

14.33: Super-cute and Super-deformed do not belong in the same sentence together

16.20: I acquired the skills “Make Steve Guttenberg a Star” and “Cover Suspicious Stain” from these two jobs

16.27: From which Oisin acquired the skills “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash” and “Coitus Interruptus”.

19.04: “Ladies” count – 2

20.29: “Ladies” count – 4

22.50: “Ladies” count – 6


25.03: Why must you ruin my dreams, Eoin?

25.51: Evidently the answer to my earlier question is that we can see through time and knew that a Nixon question was coming up.

26.44: “Ladies” count – 8

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