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Downtime: Shane told me to be sure to note anything that was even close to sexual innuendo as a non-linky line in the show notes, but I'm not going to give him one. We stay on topic in talking about character sheets, some of which are:

And a link to a long running internet character sheet guy that we didn't mention, but is still great:

And a formerly awesome site for character sheets that is now hit and miss (mostly miss) and with ads and junk:

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+1 Int: Now with even more links and formatting, a rundown of the latter two days of the upcoming Gaelcon.


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Int: Humbug mixes up the Arctic and the Antarctic. Liam tells us about his member. Stu
distinguishes between things that are balls are things that are not. Oh, and we review
the first two days of the enormous Gaelcon.


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Mailbag: In another fine example of straying off topic, the question of what's the best thing to call the guy running the game is partially discussed.

Exp: Stu is suspicious of its similarities to Lunch Money, but we battle through the torrent of incoming missiles to review Poo.

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