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This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, Iceream and Humbug

This week we answer listener questions, though the first two questions don't really have much to do with gaming. They are entertaining, however. The meat of the episode begins at 14.40, where we start to discuss the potential fallout of a GM and a player having incompatible ideologies. Myself and Liam do have some pretty dynamite beard-grooming tips, though.

Show notes:

  • 0.19: I missed a "d" there, so this week you are apparently listening to the Aventuring Party.
  • 4.00: Dear Listener, please bear in mind that (barring a massive response from the community) this book does not exist. Though if you guys are interested enough… what do you think Eoin? You reckon you could fit the necessary hundreds of hours of time needed to write a book into your already groaning schedule?
  • 8.32: I had kind of assumed that "flexibility" was going to be a sex thing.
  • 10.30: That entire segment just reinforces my existing belief that the Adventuring Party could just be Eoin on his own with a mic and the show would not decrease noticeably in quality.
  • 11.13: We're getting perilously close to getting politics all over our gaming podcast!
  • 14.41: This is where the meat of the episode begins, if you're interested in skipping ahead.
  • 17.07: Our episode concerning Playing the GM, not the game
  • 18.50: Quote of the Episode: "'The Telecom's down! Oh no, they've hit the Simplex and Duplex!'… those are all telecoms words, yes"
  • 21.29: Blue Rose RPG
  • 31.06: All together now! AWARD WINNING!


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This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, Icecream, Humbug

The Kickstarter Tree has been bearing fruit in the shape of boardgames all through 2014, and Adventurer Eoin Burke has been busily at harvest. This week, we review one of the games that he got in 2014 – Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

Show notes:

0.14: That's not how we pronounce “Xia” during the episode, but I looked up a tutorial video for the game that is narrated by Cody Miller, the guy who designed it, and this is how he pronounces it. 

1.12: Quote of the Episode: “...three weeks late, which in Kickstarter terms is about two months early”

4.19: Elite!

5.33: I can't give it Quote of the Episode because it's not really words, but Brian's nearly orgasmic moan in the background when Eoin says “Sector hexes” is a wonderful thing.

5.56: Here's Brian playing the tetris mini-game with his ship card.

12.54: A nice picture of the gameboard with a few tiles out and a few ships on it.


17.25: And not just physically. Eoin's quite fit, he'd probably catch up with you.


20.57: Actually just the one video. It's to give you an idea of how nice the ship models are.

33.49: Liam ws right the first time – it is the Great Material Continuum.

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This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, Icecream, Humbug

Apologies for the late posting of this episode, folks!

As the end of January approaches, we all know it's time to go to Cork and play us some games. That's right, WarpCon is coming up fast, and the Adventuring Party is here to look over the available information and pass totally unbiased judgement on all you langers.

Show notes:

  • 1.05: Or we might not, as it REEKS of self-aggrandisement and I've already hit my quota of being punchably smug for this episode.
  • 3.41: For an old, raggedy gamer.
  • 4.17: Referring to the Victoriana RPG setting.
  • 6.19: Referring to these poor, poor people who got gassed while in costume. 
  • 8.39: In case you are interested, here is our interview with Gar Hanhrahan.
  • 10.57: Tuska will pretty much kick your ass
  • 12.10: The Battlefield, as it turns out, is the first of four layers of the DnD realm of Acheron.
  • 22.18: Yes we will:
  • 28.19: Quote of the Episode: "I'm just gonna keep reading until it makes sense"
  • 29.20: Ooh, look at all us nerds, talking up our XKCD and SMBC! Tragically, it seems we were ALL wrong. Here's the strip I believe Eoin is referencing.
  • 30.02: Wargaming Ireland forums
  • 30.47: Ah, the pumpkin - my long over-due punishment for ceaselessly ragging on poor Eoin. Of course, those days are long behind me.
  • 32.46: Eoin is of course correct, and I am wrong. They play Two Up with two coins.
  • 37.18: More on 13th Age here.

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This week's hosts:  Liam, Humbug, Eoin and Icecream

This week we hit our book (and comic) shelves to bring you books for Gamers.

Show notes:

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