The Adventuring Party
Discussing table-top and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to.

Exp:  A dream team of experienced Pathfinder veterans sits down at the microphones, and so does Shane.  They tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Pathfinder, and about an hour's more.  If you like Pathfinder, your opinions will be slightly different and you'll be enraged!  If you don't like Pathfinder, you'll be bored and borderline suicidal!  Everyone's a winner.  Features:

  • A brief moment of laughter before the tedium
  • Pathfinder
  • Fighting a dragon in half a ballgown
  • Eberron
  • Big fat swords style of artwork
  • The Index
  • Beefed-up base classes
  • Example of play
  • The black-and-white side of the screen
  • Fun with feats
  • Online resources
  • Horse-eating so-and-sos
  • Well-prepared idiocy
  • The ol' scry-buff-teleport
  • Fate chips!
  • World's best GM screen
  • Pervious

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+1 Con:  Rushing straight from the halls of Maynooth college to The Adventuring Party's headquarters, a snuffly group of Shane, Liam, humbug, Cillian and Dizzy recap a multitude of events from Dominicon 2010, ranging from Liam's poor spelling to Shane's brief emergence from the closet.  Features:

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Int:  Without a break from the madness of Gaelcon, Shane, Stu, humbug, Cillian and Liam get stuck into a preview of the myriad goodies on offer in Maynooth at Dominicon this very weekend!  Features:

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+1 Con:  Forced by common sense to split one long enthusiastic chronological ramble about Gaelcon in twain, Shane, humbug and Liam pick up where they left off almost as if they'd never been away, to talk about what they got up to on Sunday and Monday at Ireland's national gaming convention.  Features:

  • No welcomes to this party
  • No extra hour in bed either
  • Dublin Area Rapid Transit says no to humbug
  • The Usual Suspects
  • The butler didn't it!
  • GURPS Old West
  • Good old trustworthy Colonel Van Cleef
  • Whittenham Forum
  • Good old trustworthy William the Negotiator
  • Chips
  • Escape From Colditz during the Charity Auction
  • Yugioh
  • Sean Alpha's Geek Media Centre
  • Show me the way to go home
  • Deadlands
  • Gitcher accent goin'
  • Wonders From the Occident
  • Iron Kingdoms
  • How to lose a LARP
  • Not playing Rakehell
  • Requiem for Rome
  • Spoken like an expert
  • More train trouble
  • Wayne O'Connor
  • GMs say no to idiocy

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