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In the HOT SEAT in this week's Adventuring Party is Dean Eaton from the Irish Guild of Live Role Players Dublin Branch, speaking about their upcoming event from the 20th to 22nd of June. We ask the HARD QUESTIONS, with a PUNISHING LINE-UP of BRUTAL VERBAL ASSAULTS. 

God no, we just banter. I think Dean was actually somewhat surprised at just how much of our run-time is us talking crap. We started recording very late because we were having too much fun just sitting around chatting. Gamers, eh?

IGoLRP facebook page:


  • 1.20: Economic upswing? Free puppies? A big bag of... sweets?
  • 1.23: Glencree in the Wicklow Mountains
  • 2.49: Will those knick knacks come with a paddywhack? If we bring a dog, will a bone be provided?
  • 4.06: Spar carries a whole range of Ham products.
  • 4.52: Last Summer Weekend! Tell your friends!
  • 6.01: It's just like Kangaroo Island
  • 6.50: Dagda's "bowl"
  • 10.40: Cream crackered... I love it
  • 18.01: If I'm GMing you, there's still no-one to know the rules for you.
  • 19.44: It's JUST like chess, except everyone wears armour and beats the crap out of one another. So it's better than chess.
  • 21.56: It's an inanimate carbon rod!
  • 23.50: Listening to Graham and Eoin discuss in intimate detail the most effective way to dagger somebody to death, I wanted to make the note “terrifying” here. Then I said it in the episode. Good to know I've got a consistent response to that.
  • 24.52: It's all right; masturbation isn't a rude word, despite what your Priest may have told you. Or your teacher. Or that librarian, that time.
  • 25.56: Greamairí, not “na plierín” or “an pliers” as Graham and I suggested
  • 30.57: Quote of the Episode: “The Bees attract the Bear of Doom!”
  • 37.28: Eldritch
  • 40.02: Through the magic of photography, you CAN see that chainmail armour! And Graham as a Fomorian.
  • 44.31: Damn it! I'll never get my Air Lute World Tour off the ground at this rate.


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This week on the Adventuring Party, we discuss upcoming Dublin convention Hobocon, which is entering its third year... somewhat surprisingly, considering that it was begun as a one-off Convention, and they raffled off the Con Director position last year.

Hobocon website:


  • 0.36: In fairness, if you're going to nick subtitles, Die Hard is a good place to go
  • 1.05: Oh damn! Burn! We're on board the U.S.S. Smackdown and Humbug is the Captain!
  • 2.28: Our review of Cards Against Humanity
  • 3.01: You only have that if you're weak. Sleep is for the weak, GAMING IS FOR THE STRONG!
  • 3.36: Quote of the Episode: “It wasn't a Mass! It was just... people who like God, singing”
  • 4.25: Towel block?
  • 5.35: It's gotten very Fisher King up in here!
  • 6.45: What's all this talk of neutral speculation? What have you done with the real Humbug!?
  • 11.49: I actually went to the website for this one. It's “Ferro Igni Quacumque Vi”, which according to the Cosmic Owl means “With Fire and Force”. Which is a pretty badass name, in fairness.
  • 12.34: It's time to load your sack with doorknobs and go vigilante on some older Vamps.
  • 13.57: I can't believe Humbug said “you can get your teeth into that” while talking about a Vampire game and no one brought it up.
  • 15.15: This is like Kryptonite to Humbug... still, you know what they say.
  • 15.54: I've a terrible and beautiful idea. Every member of the Adventuring Party who is at Hobocon should play the My Little Pony game.
  • 18.57: Heh heh heh... butts.
  • 20.10: There speaks the voice of experience.
  • 27.34: I'm not 100% sure on it being “straight”. Force on Force is more susceptible to utterly random bullhonky than any other game I've played. Sometimes you can put a plan together, then roll a 1 and the game delivers cards saying “All your radios stop working, your ammo turns out to be jellybeans, your commanding officer gets killed by a badger, and all of your troop's pants fall down. Roll again.”
  • 27.40: Yeah! Back on track!
  • 32.31: Ah, so THAT'S what the bottom of the barrel looks like.
  • 33.03:  I lacked humility because I WAS AWESOME. We made them wait, then we made them lose.
  • 33.32: I sometimes like to leave presents after the credits. Not this week, of course. Nope.


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This week on the Adventuring Party, we discuss the problem of what to do when your player's axe-wielding barbarian from the northern frost wastes suddenly displays an uncanny working knowledge of 21st century macro-economics. Actually, we don't tackle that question at all. But it's in roughly the same ball-park.



  • 0.37: Eoin, are you... are you pooping?
  • 2.56: This conversation turned towards being better than other people WAYS faster than I thought it was going to.
  • 4.22: That's a half-truth!
  • 7.16: Could you hear the “k”? I pronounced it magicks.
  • 7.57: One Time Pad. I learned about them from Cryptonomicon. Thanks, Neal Stephenson! Also, it amuses me no end that the acronym for One Time Pad is the same as One True Pairing.
  • 9.19: I've drawn this 5-hour dungeon and by Christ you people are going to play it!
  • 11.30: Woah! I do NOT remember being that vehement about this!
  • 12.48: Or as fellow Adventuring Party podcaster Graham Turner puts it “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. I think it's a good measure to put to your fight scenes.
  • 15.37: Speaking of intimidate as a skill, the best line I've ever heard about that was “why would I buy the Intimidate skill? I'VE GOT A GUN”
  • 21.55: I like to think of that as his Gorilla Band. They're bananas!
  • 24.25: This trivia aside brought to you by Cian's Constantly Wandering Attention.
  • 36.32: “Ladies” count – 2
  • 37.11: “Ladies” count – 4


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Oh my, look at the time! It's quarter past Con review – and this week we give the critical eye to Vaticon in UCD. There's a not-inconsiderable amount of LRP in there as well, as the second official Academy of Eblana event also ran at Vaticon. We also get side-tracked a lot and just end up chatting about RPGs, peasant rail-guns and L5R. Look, there's a Vaticon review in there SOMEWHERE.


  • 0.35: It didn't start how I'm used to! I got confused!
  • 3.36: BOYCOTT THE CRUSH! BOYCOTT THE CRUSH! I'm going to leverage a socially mobile viral campaign using best market practices!
  • 5.08: We were powerful giddy while recording these episodes. Something in the air. Summer, maybe? Or just leggy blondes?
  • 5.56: If you don't know who Rex Ready is... well, you're welcome
  • 6.44: We just decided to drop another host in and keep going as if nothing had changed. SEAMLESS. 
  • 7.09: Oh, and now we're talking about Eblana. We'll get back to Vaticon in a minute.
  • 11.08: Gah! My oobris!
  • 11.30: Inspector Dave to the rescue.
  • 11.51: Man, it's a good thing I travel randomly through time.
  • 14.22: Keep doing your job, Eoin: Salute of the Jugger.
  • 15.52: Quote of the episode: “Let me assure you, when you are in Elf ears, and you are wandering around asking people 'where is the secret lake'?...”
  • 17.39: Oh man. Get ready for it. What I thought was a pretty good joke falls on its face so hard it needs to get teeth repaired.
  • 18.11: Oh God, here it is.
  • 22.42: So when I said a minute, I meant about 15 minutes.
  • 24.39: I don't know, Liam. I think you should crush their youthful exuberance with pedantic rules-lawyering until they no longer feel any joy, and every remaining day of their life becomes a grey, emotionless haze.
  • 26.08: The game in question is Thornwatch, and there's a good look at it on the Escapist
  • 31.28: Subtle
  • 32.56: The peasant railgun is one of my favourite things. No self-respecting GM would ever allow such a monstrosity, of course, but it's a wonderful excercise in pushing the strict interpretation of RPG rules.
  • 47.00: At some point we'll just have to give in and hand control of all Irish gaming over to Dungeons and Donuts.

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