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This week, we reveal both the answers to, and winner of, our 5th Annual Adventuring Party Pub Quiz! If you missed the quiz, and want to give it a shot before getting all the answers, you can find it here.

Show notes:

  • 0.36: OH CAN I?
  • 1.15: Round Oisin
  • 9.07: Round Liam
  • 10.01: The question was vague. You didn't capitalise 'only war', or say whether anyone is watching or, uh... at any rate, I certainly wouldn't harm the child.
  • 13.26: Oh thank Christ that hum has gone away. I wanted to claw my ears off and add them to my collection. My collection of ears.
  • 15.15: Round Eoin
  • 21.22: There were SEVERAL MINUTES of the podcast I cut out here. You guys know what you did.
  • 21.50: How dare you slander me like that. I have never mentioned my rich, caramel baritone, and I am both dissappointed and offended that I have been accused of such behaviour. It is my smooth, caramel baritone that I frequently reference.
  • 22.05: Round Cian
  • 22.12: I appreciate the gesture, I really do
  • 24.54: That was horrifying. For the actual pronunciation, check here
  • 25.46: "Ladies" count - 1
  • 27.20: Round Humbug
  • 31.13: Round Stuart

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Hello all,


I'm very sorry for the delay in posting today's episode of the Adventuring Party. Due to technical difficulties, it will be posted this evening.


Cian "Icecream" O'Sullivan

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It's the Crush, and the Con reviews are coming fast and heavy! This week, the Adventuring Party tackles the great monster o'Galway; Itzacon. It's on 21st to 23rd of March. That's this weekend, folks!


  • 0.55: A plethora
  • 1.50: It has! You ABANDONED us Humbug! You dumped the editing duties onto me and then ran towards freedom, naked as a baby, whooping and hollering with delight! DAMN YOU!
  • 2.14: Man, that analogy started SO well.
  • 3.05: What the hell is this? Some kind of democracy!?
  • 5.40: This is a convention, loser. Who cares about role playing, we want to blow things up! Sorry, that was Jim Beam talking. Try to ignore that guy, he's a wild card.
  • 5.52: You guys are dangerously close to describing an episode of Scooby Doo.
  • 7.26: You absolute b****rds, I quit.
  • 7.56: Ok, I take it back. That blurb was ways better than mine.
  • 9.25: Ed and Till's Reasonable Jaunt. Marvelous.
  • 11.42: That was me! I described that game! Oh, this is just adding insult to injury.
  • 14.23: I'm with Oisin. Running Sunday games at 10am is god damn barbaric.
  • 15.07: THAT's more like it! None of this wishy-washy voting rubbish. You change the rules when you want to, Eoin, and send any dissenters to the Gulag.
  • 16.54: Quote of the episode “We can't interrogate ANYONE here, everyone's dead!” “All right, just put the thumbscrews on him and see if we get anything”
  • 18.55: BOOOOOOO! Jim Beam says FATE sucks! And I agree!
  • 19.27: That strange, unwelcome feeling, Humbug? That's joy.
  • 29.39: The vision of surly, drunken munchkins getting into fights fills me with a sort of hideous pleasure.
  • 30.36: Oh WOW, that is specific.
  • 32.31: WARNING! Political satire in progress! You can actually HEAR Liam putting inverted commas around Knights there.
  • 36.04: I'll wear a princess dress if I want to!
  • 37.47: OHHHHH! It's all worth it for that one joke, folks!
  • 41.08: BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!
  • 44.18: I hate you and I want you to die. If you fell in a hole and starved to death, I would not weep. And neither would Jim.

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Recorded live at GAS Con in Dublin, this week's episode of the Adventuring Party is a twofer; it's both a panel at a Convention, and a discussion (with a dash of argument) about the phenomenon of media-jumping in gaming.


As I edit this it's ridiculously late and I'm very tired, so I apologise in advance for the surly show notes.

  • 4.07: Ascension
  • 4.38: Gaze upon this horror and know despair. 
  • 5.38: Even worse than the time he bought 90 euro worth of being stabbed.
  • 6.13: The filthy audience begins to participate! Shudder at their grubby, proletarian opinions!
  • 6.30: Must you know everything, Eoin? Avalon Hill.
  • 7.00: Fantasy Flight's apparently far superior Civilization boardgame.
  • 8.21: Laser Squad
  • 10.26: DOOM the boardgame 
  • 10.53: Descent the boardgame 
  • 11.11: Too many boardgames, I'm sick of looking for links now.
  • 17.00: I suppose I should do a link for this bit. Card Wars. My will to live is dwindling.
  • 20.48: Something something something Humbug
  • 32.52: Thank you, one guy who laughed
  • 33.22: Check out VASSAL. It's horribly clunky, but it lets you play pretty much any board game on-line.
  • 34.36: Oh thank Christ

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In this week's episode of Monte Cook's The Adventuring Party by Monte Cook, we review and rate his recently released RPG, Numenera – a game we've followed from its inception through to its release, and now get to analyse in-depth, like a scrivener rummaging through chicken guts.


Website for Numenera

  • 1.46: No one can replace Humbug.
  • 2.16: The Cypher System.
  • 3.00: 10,000 hours theory. It's a real thing!
  • 3.58: I strayed onto Oisin's turf here. Stay off the East Side!
  • 5.48: Here comes the B-dog to drop some truth bombs!
  • 10.36: One of them is a big pit in the ground with spikes at the bottom and a sign saying “Free XP”. That one's a doozy.
  • 13.07: None of your heathen blabber here, Ois.
  • 14.24: This fundamental concept of mathematics brought to you by Icecream Cian.
  • 15.14: Like Michael Phelps
  • 15.46: Unless you're an EXCEPTIONALLY good cheat
  • 20.37: Like Michael Phelps
  • 28.23: That's why I never make plans
  • 31.01: So, 30 minutes in, I finally get around to saying what Numenera is really about
  • 37.41: “I do whatever to you that I want”. That's a very awkwardly constructed sentence.
  • 48.33: "Ladies" count – 3
  • 49.21: That book is now out, though I've not yet bought it. I probably will. It might have naughty illustrations.


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