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Hosts: Brian, Eoin, and Graham.


Exp: Hey!, the libsyn interface is all different. I wonder what this button does. Thumbnail, keywords, nah, we don't need any of that. This week, we review Guild Ball.



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Hosts: Liam, Brian, Graham
Not sure what to do with your large social gatherings? This week we bring you review on a back-yard gaming Brian put together and an expansion for Camel Up.

Show notes:

Backyard Blackjack Rules:
Set up frame a set distance away from a marker (shooting line), approximately 3 yards/metres.
If the winner of the last round is there, the new player goes first.
The first thrower throws all 3 of their bolas.
The second thrower then throws all 3 of their bolas.
Bolas are collected after the 2nd players throw.
Top bar - 3 points per bola
Middle bar - 2 points per bola
Bottom bar - 1 point per bola
One bola on each bar - 10 points
Winner is first to 21. If players go over their score resets to before their last throw and the rest of their round is forfeit.

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Hosts: Liam, Brian, Graham

Up this week, we continue our preview of Gaelcon 2015 and see what CCGs, Wargames, Social and PFS is on offer.  

  • 01.30: Warzone Resurrection - Totally mixed this up with a different wargame.
  • 02.00: 1:48; Battle of Hürtgen forest 
  • 03.20: Guildball - UPDATE - Sadly steamforged games won't be making the con this year. The tournament and demos are proceeding nonetheless! 
  • 05:30: X-wing
  • 07:50: SPOILERS!
  • 08:00 - Warmachine
  • 10:00 - More updates! There will be a Playtest Dublin meetup on Sunday @ 4pm
  • 10.27 - More SPOILERS!
  • 10.50 - There is no competition this year but plenty of demos
  • 13.00: Another explanation of what an LCG is compared to a CCG. Should start a counter on this.
  • 15.30: Warhammer Conquest
  • 15.40: Quote of the episode: "Why does the Matt get prizes?"
  • 20:00: Any interesting charity lots to:
  • 20:20 - UPDATE: Friday there is the ancient Japanese art of Kar-a-oke
  • 20:50 - There's always money in the banana stand
  • 23:00 - PFS mutil-table special
  • 27:00 - Pathfinder Quests
  • 29:00 - Skulls on uniforms
  • 32:26 - STOCK UPDATE: Higher Powers (existing players), We are not Alone and Murder Hobos all out of stock. Some other LARPS are down to a single ticket.
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Hosts: Liam, Brian, Graham

This week we bring you Part 1 of our Gaelcon 2015 preview. Up this week, we take a look at some of the RPGs and LARPs on offer.  

Show Notes:

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