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The Adventuring Party presents the first of it's two-part episode about the recent Gen Con in the USA. This week, we discuss the sort of events, games and other goings on one can find in North America's largest table-top game convention.

Also, I'm trying something new with the show notes this week. Instead of just solitary comments, floating in time, I'm providing descriptions of what gets discussed during a particular period. Let me know if you like it / hate it / it's valuable / it makes no difference.

Show Notes:

  • 0.30 - 4.40: Opening banter
    • 0.43: For those who don't know, Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America. So there, so:
    • 1.14: With so much globe-trotting going on, the Adventuring Party may have to be renamed to "the Fabjabulous Journodyssies of Professor Horatio Q. Burke"! In fact, I'm going to do that for next week's episode.
    • 2.50: Skip straight ahead to Gen Con! This episode is long enough already, man!
  • 3.23 – 4.40: Nothing but complaining about Eircodes
  • 4.40 – 9.54: Everything you ever wanted to know about the queuing experience at Gen Con
    • 7.03: Quote of the Episode: “Some people are quite heavy, and if they break into a brisk jog they're not stopping in a hurry”
  • 9.54 – 12.03: The balance of gaming vs trade at Gen Con, and why it's so important for game makers.
  • 12.34 – 17.13: How much gaming actually happens at Gen Con, and how the tickets work.
  • 18.24 - 20.25: The Trade Hall
  • 20.25 - 21.37: Mention of the Predator deck-builder leads to a decent side-track about Predator vs. Whoever comic books.
  • 21.50 - 28.47: And now it's time for our favorite topic; Pathfinder!
    • 27.55: Not mad. Just disappointed. I'd like to see to a pie chart that measures everything we've talked about over the years. I reckon Pathfinder would be the biggest slice. 
    • 28.53: Hex online CCG
  • 29.46 - 30.48: L5R 20th anniversary party
  • 31.01 - 33.25: Game demos in the Trade Hall
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Having discussed a wargame that they didn't much like last week, this week the Adventuring Party discusses one that they very much DO like. The Great War is Richard Borg's latest game in the Command & Colours series, this time based during... well, the title kind of gives it away.

Show notes:

  • 0.59: “Great” meaning large or immense (we use it in the pejorative sense)
  • 1.20: You rarely hear a strong accent from Oisin, but his pronunciation of the word “but” there was more Dublin than Dubliner Cheese.
  • 2.02: The Reaper mini kickstarter – for people who actually needed TOO MANY minis:
  • 4.12: I feel I now have enough information to make a reasonable guess as to who this is.
  • 5.23: AW YEAH, HEX GRID
  • 20.55: Is he the evil midnight bomber what bombs at midnight?
  • 22.52: Said in the tone that a disapproving parent might say “with their Yu-Gi-Ohs and their Pokemans”
  • 23.02: Quote of the Episode: “Surprisingly few battles, I find from personal experience, are improved by the inclusion of a Giant Spider in the third act”
  • 27.35: But surely the slight difference in their epaulettes would be a CLEAR indicator!
  • 32.41: MEDICORE!
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Let the FLAMES BEGIN! This week, we discuss the amazingly unpopular Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop; why it's always sensible to have a hilariously large fake moustache with you when you play it; and the merits of a nice plate of Marneus Calgar.

Show notes:

048: It's Ubuntu! It's neither strange nor dodgy. The netbook ITSELF, on the other hand...

1.18: The End Times. You're bloody well knicked, Warhammer me old mate!

1.57: Archaon! Lord of the End Times! Who became Archaon because he was researching who Archaon was!

3.26: This is all true.

9.18: Quote of the Episode: “If you're a jerk and you put down a unit of twenty snotlings, and poor Graham only had fifteen Bloodthirsters; he has the advantage”

11.40: Because otherwise all the COOL gaming kids will be like “move out the way, pops, you old and busted” and heaven knows nobody wants THAT.

12.20: Oh yeah, sure, here comes Eoin with a REAL reason. Pfffft!

12.56: That's actually pretty funny. Good work, GW.

16.29: The Screaming Bell has effectively become the Golden Snitch.

27.05: Humbug, you're a genius.

29.01: This week's episode of the Adventuring Party brought to you by Fantasy Flight Games!

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Hello listeners! This week we present an episode the gang recorded on-site at NomCon last weekend, reviewing said Convention before they had even left it. This is fresh podcasting, hot off the griddle! 

  • 0.47: I was really hoping that sentence would end with “... white jackets to take us all away.”
  • 1.48: Oh. That's actually quite sad. “Yes indeed, I will serve you a drink, young lady who is dressed as a space-pirate-zombie-killer. And I will think about my own daughter, and how I will afford to feed her when I am let go.”
  • 16.06: Quote of the Episode: “You have to go now, with all of your Water Walking spells. Into the desert with you!”
  • For all other show-notes, visit this link:
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