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As we promised, the Adventuring Party this week embarks on the first step of any good adventure - character creation. Our listener's voted for us to play the Masks of Nyarlathotep adventuring module, and so we begin.

  • 2.13: SPOILER: We will not.
  • 4.06: The 1920s! The Age when Man rode Beasts to hunt the savage Dinosaur!
  • 6.58: Oh ho! Humbug shows his true stripes! Not five minutes after calling for a harsher GM, he turns his soft belly to the sky and begs for “wiggle” on stat rolls! For shame, sir, for shame.
  • 8.40: Hope you guys like dice rolling.
  • 11.35: Which rather assumes that people are less attractive in their 40s. I know plenty of people who disprove that.
  • 21.39: I take it all back! Humbug is a fine and upstanding gamer, the cream of a more civilised crop.
  • 23.48: There's a “Very Flexible” skill? Are we SURE this isn't F.A.T.A.L?
  • 34.50: “Ladies” count: 1
  • 39.13: Quote of the Episode: “You're really trying to kill off that wife of mine, aren't you?” “I'm not trying to kill off your wife, the DICE are killing your wife!”
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Hobocon 4 being in the recent past, it is time for the Adventuring Party to review it! Which we do, though we take a scenic route through other topics; including a setting that Graham and Icecream are working on, a wedding that Eoin attended, and quite a lot of technical Pathfinder stuff. So it goes.

Very few show notes this episode. I just didn't have much to add:

  • 6.59: Barsoom
  • 13.47: Quote of the Episode: “At some point you find yourself surging to your feet in a room full of people and just screaming 'SCREW YOU, ASSHOLE!... uhhh, that sounded better in my head'”
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This week's hosts: Liam, Graham and Oisin

Though the terrifying case of the Giant Rat of Sumatra is sadly not included, the head scratching cases of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective provide plenty to talk about for the intrepid crime solvers of the Adventuring Party!


  • 0.35: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective:
  • 1.04: To be honest, my deep-seated need to be a lackey was the reason I got into gaming in the first place.
  • 3.10: I don't think I really need to provide you with a link to Shut Up & Sit Down. If you're agog with interest, just google it. Or google “standard reference pear”.
  • 12.14: And when confronted with the answer written in the book, the investigation took a startling leap forward!
  • 13.40: From the way Liam said “dropped out” there, I'm just assuming there were inverted commas around it. Oral punctuation marks are a fine art, and should be protected. Especially if you're Victor Borge:
  • 14.29: Quote of the Episode: “But you get to sit there being smug at people for an entire hour; is that not the best thing ever?”
  • 17.17: Bejewelling is still legal, fortunately. I'm sure we could sort something out.
  • 19.31: Such a game as Oisin describes exists! It is called GUMSHOE! Rejoice, all the girls and boys!
  • 24.18: Oisin earns 3 points for a completely unexpected Feist reference.
  • 26.08: Aw yeah! The Mummy's Curse? I'm sold! That's some high quality case-naming right there.
  • 31.07: Ooh, ooh, a 10-gallon hat! Like Boss Hog!
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This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin and Humbug

Recorded in the lofty halls of Dublin's Hobocon, this week the Adventuring Party look into the future, to the gilded mansions of Belfast's Qcon - Ireland's largest anime and gaming convention.

  • 0.34: We are also slightly echo-y from Hobocon, but that's a result of the capacious chamber they provided us for recording in. Thanks, Hobocon!
  • 1.15: We're talking about Qcon? Best provide a link, so:
  • 2.13: Not for our panel, I should point out. We had, like, some people there.
  • 2.28: Ooh! I just swatted a moth out of the air! Nothing to do with the episode, I just felt like sharing.
  • 5.38: “Weird Choir” - you heard it here first, folks.
  • 7.32: Eoin Burke; Buzz-Kill for Hire.
  • 15.03: Quote of the Episode: “I don't know if I want Smell-o-Vision... not at a Con”
  • 17.49: Okay!
  • 20.09: If they're Devils, they're not just organised; they're probably unionised.
  • 26.07: The system is as mysterious as the manservant. I bet the author doesn't even remember writing this game.
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