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In this week's episode, we answer a listener's question about what the flat-broke gamer can do to get by on a pittance a day. How does one game on a budget? It can be a VERY expensive and compulsive hobby. There's a reason CCGs are occasionally referred to as “cardboard crack”.




  • 0.01: If you're interested in some practical advice on how to attend gaming conventions on a budget, skip ahead to 41.07
  • 1.01: “Ladies” count – 3
  • 3.05: I felt we don't talk about Nazis enough in the Adventuring Party.
  • 3.26: “Carabiners” count – 3 
  • 4.58: Savage Worlds Explorers Edition 
  • 6.29: Seriously! I ordered tiny, tiny bottles from China, and we filled them with water and a drop of food dye. When we drink a potion in-game, we actually drink a potion. In this image, we put a regular d6 beside them to provide scale. 
  • 12.25: Weiss Schwarz 
  • 12.50: Quote of the Episode: “High five!” “We probably shouldn't, you'll just have to edit it out later... oh, go on then” *clap*
  • 12.56: Cardfight!! Vanguard (don't blame me, they spell it with two exclamation marks themselves) 
  • 17.23: Hearthstone 
  • 20.04: Game of Thrones LCG 
  • 24.27: And so an Internet legend is born. When cold, clammy fingers run across your neck as you're measuring range at the next tournament... that's Creepy William. Your dice are mysteriously sticky... Creepy William has paid you a visit. There's some guy making inappropriate comments about the girl playing at the next table... actually, that guy's just an asshole and should be held accountable by the community.
  • 26.50: Turn Signals on a Land Raider 
  • 27.14: Reference Pear courtesy of Shut Up and Sit Down 
  • 34.35: Marrying Mr. Darcy
  • 36.05: I teleported bread.
  • 44.14: Another option for cheap shipping from the UK is ASK RONAN. They ship stuff to Northern Ireland, then courier it down to secure drop-boxes. Very handy.
  • 45.15: He's got a second name now! Will Bear aka Creepy William. If there is an actual wargamer out there called William Bear, we duly apologise.


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This week sees the Adventuring Party discussing the upcoming Academy of Eblana LRP in Bellurgan Park, near Dundalk, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of June. This is their third full event, and their second in the wilds of Louth. Looks to be a hoot. I'm polishing my leather armour as we speak. Well, as I type this. Okay, so I'm not polishing armour AND typing at the same time, I've only got two hands. You know what, just listen to the damn episode.

Link to event Facebook page:



  • 1.26: And some OTHER people with cars are like “let's deck this sucker out with rotating death machines like in Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness”. Yeah, I'm not allowed back to the Battle of Clontarf festival next year.
  • 2.00: Rio Negro is an extremely cool annual Airsoft event revolving around an on-going civil war in a fictional country. 
  • 14.57: Hey, Oisin.
  • 15.10: Well, not now. It was open when the episode was recorded. You can still prebook at a lower price than getting a ticket on the day, though, at this page.
  • 16.35: Quote of the Episode: “Ixnay on the baby-eating”
  • 20.58: It is! You can download them here.
  • 24.56: “Napoleon III of France is reputed to have given a banquet where the most honoured guests were given aluminium utensils, while the others made do with gold.”


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This week we discuss two events which will be happening on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of June – Limerick's Conclave and Belfast's Q-Con. And that's not to mention the first of the Irish Guild of Live Role-Player's events, which is on the same weekend in the Wicklow Mountains. It's going to be a packed two days!


Conclave link:

Q-Con link:




  • 0.30: We start off with Conclave. Well, I say “we”. I should say “they”. As I'm not there. You can tell from the lack of molten caramel baritone.
  • 2.39: As we all know, “wibble wibble wibble” is the internationally recognised signal that you have gone mad.
  • 3.22: Something about “Blood-Named Warrior” and “a committee” being in the same sentence strikes me as being slightly off. “I AM DEATH-MAW! SLAUGHTERER OF THOUSANDS! I SHALL BATHE IN THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES! As soon as the Committee approves it by at least a two-thirds majority, or by a simple majority in the case of pre-registered blood-bathing event, and files the correct paperwork with Central.”
  • 7.37: Piper Bill Millin lived until 2010 – there's an interview with him about piping on the beaches of Normandy.
  • 13.12: This is where the Q-Con discussion starts
  • 15.53: That was a damn brave attempt, Liam, DAMN brave.
  • 23.18: Nice! I actually laughed out loud while editing at that joke.
  • 27.44: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


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This week we review fancy French boardgame Dixit – a game that absolutely anyone you know can play and enjoy. We play a round and give you the benefit of our thoughts... or the demerit of our thoughts, depending on how you feel about it. Either way we talk about Dixit, which is appropriate since talking is the point of the game; Dixit being Latin for “he/she said”.


  • 0.17: It's spelled Jean-Louis Roubira. Also, I think this is my first show note that takes place during the actual intro.
  • 0.48: It came out in 2009 – and won a whole BARREL of awards.
  • 1.22: In fairness, Liam always keeps on track with the most important topics of discussion
  • 2.07: I think Graham was about to make quite a good joke about the then upcoming elections there. Unfortunately we all missed it.
  • 5.08: I'm quite, quite wrong here, but we'll catch that in editing. Wait, I am editing! Oh no, I didn't catch it!
  • 6.35: I had re-read the rules at this stage, and realised my mistake.
  • 7.20: This is where our play-through starts – if you're only interested in the review, skip ahead to 23.56. Also, I'm editing out the long pauses while people gazed at their cards.
  • 9.37: Cards that were played in Round 1, for those who wish to play along at home – clue is “I'm sure it's perfectly safe to stick a hand in there”
  • 14.04: Cards that were played in Round 2 – clue is “Dinner Time”
  • 15.00: Return of the Rise of the Planet of the Chickens
  • 17.12: Cards that were played in Round 3 – clue is “Just the two of us”
  • 18.47: Hey, I'm Cian! Great!
  • 20.51: Tee hee hee, I actually won't!
  • 21.35: Cards that were played in Round 4 – clue is “Deathly Cold”
  • 23.56: If you're not interested in listening to the play-through, here is where the review starts.
  • 27.22: Quote of the Episode: “As if I had the luxury of wounds! How naïve; as if I would keep my heart in my chest, like a peon.” 
  • 27.42: The artist for Dixit is Marie Cardouat – well worth checking out her site. Though be warned, when I checked that link, the top image contained nudity. Tasteful nudity, but NSFW nevertheless.
  • 35.08: It's Rob Florence! He's amazing. Here's a link to his tragically short-lived boardgame review show Downtime Town. Amongst the other things he does are being a comedian on TV and writing boardgames reviews for Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Busy man, Rob.
  • 35.23: His Chaos in the Old World review is on that Vimeo page linked above, and it is fantastic.
  • 39.09: Ex Libris
  • 41.10: Sometimes Liam does have to corral us like a teacher does with misbehaving children.


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