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Cillian tells us all about a game that comes in a box and has a board and is really a card game, and he thinks the guy who invented Magic: The Gathering probably played it before. And it's called Warlock. Meanwhile (afterwards) Liam tells us about how much Kilkenny stinks, and Conspiracy doesn't. Also, humbug does the intro and outro in one take, and it shows.


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Con: Eoin is semi-officially a complete card-gaming badass, having recently traveled to GenCon to represent clan and country (mostly clan) and beat the card-playing snot out of almost everybody in the entire world, even you, even thought you may not have realised it.  Shane, Cillian, Liam, and humbug have never been to GenCon.  Graham has, but isn't a semi-official complete card-gaming badass.  So, we quiz Eoin about his GenCon experience.  Features:

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Per: With the recent opening of an unusual cross-over between art and gaming happening in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Shane and Liam, who attended the opening (or maybe were a part of it) talk with Graham, Eoin, Cillian, and humbug about the game, the exhibition, and the free wine.  Features:

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Int: Filling the void left by the passing of the excellent ConFESS, Conspiracy steps up to take on the challenge of running a downright great non-college convention at the end of the summer.  Join Shane, humbug, and Liam to take a close look at the games and events on offer, and mull over whether it's practical to attend even when it blatantly isn't.

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