The Adventuring Party
Discussing table-top and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to.

This week's hosts: Graham, Liam and Oisin.

This week we continue our discussion on running a successful long RPG campaign.

Show notes:

  • The Shawshank Redemption posters varied throughout his time in prison and included Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Linda Ronstadt.
  • Quote of the episode: I know that world war two happened, and that my friends is about it. I am aware it occured, like with most of history.


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Hey folks. Apologies for the delay. Episode should be posted tonight

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This week's hosts: Graham, Liam and Oisin.

This week we answer listener questions and discuss running a successful long RPG campaign.

Apologies for the lack of show notes. Internet is down so having to use my phone. On the neat side we live in the future, such things are possible.

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This week, we discuss upcoming Dublin convention Hobocon 4, which is running in the Teacher's Club on Parnell square from May 30th to June 1st

Show notes:

  • 0.18: “Inexplicably” because it was never intended to be more than a one-year event, not because I don't think it's good. I love you guys.
  • 2.33:
  • 2.40: CCGs
  • 4.46: I'm now having doubts about how official this L5R event is.
  • 5.08: I love it when Podcasting Icecream and Editing Icecream agree on something! It doesn't always happen, you'd be shocked.
  • 6.04: Wargames
  • 7.00: Quote of the Episode: “MMMMMMMnyum num num num EASY WINS, kill kill kill!”
  • 8.30: Social
  • 9.15: Kill Hitler:
  • 10.01: Nothing is happening anywhere in the world on Friday. The world will enter stasis, and only begin to spin again when Hobocon begins on Saturday. Such is the Way.
  • 13.30: RPGs
  • 15.20: Attorney General's bedroom, actually. I was wrong there.
  • 16.35: Yep.
  • 27.03: LARPs


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This week's hosts: Liam, Graham and Icecream

This week on the Adventuring Party, we play and review a lovely, calming game called Tokaido, which is about being the absolute best tourist you can be. No honestly, it's really good!

  • 1.10: Tokaido 
  • 2.41: Kill the Buddha 
  • 2.43: Quote of the Episode: “Buddha's gotta have a lot of hitpoints”
  • 3.18: And here is the picture of the board in the shownotes!
  • 3.58: Picture of the two character cards I had to choose from:
  • 4.18: The coinage in question:
  • 7.27: Sorry, Gav.
  • 8.15: Tracking 
  • 10.05: They're called Torii 
  • 12.07: Cheevos!
  • 14.08: The starting positions:
  • 15.15: Manju IS a delicious baked good
  • 20.21:

Frogs croak in the pond

I chop off his head and arms

and steal all his cash

  • 27.16: The Samurai from the Murphy's commercial 
  • 33.04: We fairly obstinately refused to understand Liam's joke there. Soz, Liam.
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