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Str, Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This week's hosts: Liam, Graham, Mary, Eoin, and special guest Seamus.
This week, the party discuss the reception and their opinions of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. (Still this party member's personal favourite RPG.)

00:34 - Another appearance of special guest Seamus.
00:40 - Still live from 2nd Chance Con. Which was in the past...
01:03 - Otherwise known as boring sandwiches.
01:20 - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition
01:50 - Wizard's sales claims.
02:40 - Eoin rolls to disbelieve.
03:00 - Liam sees them flying off shelves.
04:20 - D&D game streaming.
05:15 - For your average Kobold in D&D5, Int: 8.
05:30 - If you can't get a game, watch a game.
06:00 - Critical Role
06:22 - Table Top with Wil Wheaton (I'd genuinely never heard of this show.)
07:40 - Eoin rolls to disbelieve again.
07:55 - If you can't get a game, play online instead.
08:05 - Five players in five locations: Five handbook sales.
08:30 - Free, Basic D&D 5 Rules Also OGL content.
08:40 - Liam is on the fence about what kind of Druid he prefers.
09:20 - Online retail?
11:40 - Second Edition, but simpler.
12:20 - Lacking the crunchier elements of Third Edition.
12:50 - Fourth Edition, mechanically balanced, things could take a whie.
14:15 - Fourth Edition, mechanically balanced, good preparation keeps it snappy.
14:30 - Graham is not a computer. Brian could be.
15:40 - The best part of tactical skirmish play.
16:10 - More welcoming to less experienced players.
16:50 - Eoin yearns for more vision. Vision and splatbooks.
17:35 - Mary praises the absence of splatbooks.
19:00 - Graham sees depth in minimalism. Depth, and Resource Management.
21:00 - Liam misses mechanical customisation in character building, Mary doesn't.
22:40 - Seamus misses a wide array of options in combat.
24:00 - Graham gains a level.
26:30 - Resting in a dungeon.
27:40 - Class disparity and playtest woes.
31:50 - Gygaxian First Level Experiences.
33:40 - Character Progression
35:00 - The Lost Mines of Phandelver and Curse of Strahd

Whatever the rest of them think, I still love Fifth Edition.

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This week's hosts: Graham, Ian, Liam and Mary

This week, we discuss the genre defining ultimate antagonist.... DRAGONS!

SPOILER WARNING - A Stranger Things (new Netflix series) spoiler is discussed at 19 minutes 30 seconds for approximately 1 minute.

Show notes:

  • 02:18    Tiamat
  • 03:14    Int as a dump stat
  • 05:19    Dragons do tend to have stuff
  • 05:37    Controversy aside, Black Dragons are just bad mkay?
  • 06:03    Steered back on course by the good Cap'n Ian
  • 07:30    Dragonlance
  • 10:33    Gotta agree with Graham here internal consistency is crucial to a good world
  • 10:42    The Hobbit
  • 11:00    Serpent Symbolism
  • 11:46    Who doesn't love Scrooge McDuck
  • 12:06   Previous episode in question
  • 13:00    The Tyranny of Dragons storyline comprises Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat
  • 14:03    Horde or Hoard? Because that's an important distinction to make if you are barely standing after fighting a dragon.
  • 15:49    Hyper Intelligent Hippo... in a cape.
  • 15:59    Lich
  • 16:08    Dracolich
  • 19:21    Mind Flayers, also known as Illithids, and yeah, they do kinda look like the Ood
  • 19:23    Beauty is in the eye of... well....
  • 20:35    Future Episode fodder, yes, yes!!!!
  • 21:26    Yes, its true Metallic Dragons have both a lethal and non-lethal breath weapon, examples of non-lethal include gases of slow, paralysation, weakening and repulsion.
  • 23:14    Quote of the episode "You're not getting a dragon mount, the dragon is getting a neck mounted weapon"
  • 25:09    Shadowrun
  • 25:31    Runner Rule "Never Deal with a Dragon"
  • 26:00    Werewolf, Old World of Darkness
  • 27:20    Demons
  • 28:18    How Mindflayers make friends
  • 30:20    Damn neutral characters
  • 32:53    Classy Dragon: "Oh do come in Gentle Partymembers, may I offer you some refreshments while your buffs wear off?"

And our final conclusion this week is guess what???????  Hyper Intelligent Hippo in a Cape, nope, I didn't see that coming either.

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This week's hosts: Liam, Humbug, and Stu

This week the party review the storytelling card game, Storyline: Fairy Tales.

Show notes story:

Once Upon a Time.. in a far off mine, an evil fox ruled with an iron
fist. This villain possessed a cursed flute, that was full of dark
magic. While it held great power, this artefact also made the villain
very foreign. So, for years, the villain would touch the innocent people
of her domain. But one day, an unusual troll was born to a rich family.
A prophesy, written on an ancient hat, foretold that this hero would
meet the villain. The villain sent a loyal witch to transform the hero.
Luckily, our hero managed to escape, finding safety in a tasty kitchen.
There, he/she met a band of rebels, led by a daring wizard. Together
they made a plan. First, the rebel leader would follow the lieutenant,
and lure the villain to battle. Then the hero would sneak in to the
dungeon, where the villain kept the cursed object. Our hero shattered
the artefact, and the resulting curse turned the villain into an
ordinary musket. So the land was free from the villain's rule, and our
hero was declared ruler of the chicken coop. And so began an age of
peace throughout the land, the end.

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This week's hosts: Liam, Humbug, and Stu

When is it a good time for a GM to hide the mechanics of a game from their players? And when can a game be ruined by the players knowing too much about the system? These are the problems weighing on the minds of the Adventuring Party this week, and cause much furrowed brows and sighing and et cetera.

Show notes:

  • 0.44: Hail Computer!
  • 2.09: Oh well, I guess I have to stop editing the episode now.
  • 5.13: Where did the robots come from? I thought this was a WWII game?
  • 10.57: Oh wow, I actually thought Liam was bringing that up as an example of something he DIDN'T like.
  • 12.35: Quote of the Episode: “The maître d' is very impressed with you. Unfortunately this has not done anything to convince all these people to join your cause.”
  • 13.55: Quote of the Episode 2: “I rub my hands along every side of it. Okay, did it explode in my face? No? Ok, well then, I don't know. I knock on it, like uhhhh, buhhhh” It's Liam's despairing tone of voice that really sells this.
  • 15.34: Hail Computer!
  • 24.16: Here's Dunkelzahn's Will, for those who are interested. And it's not Duncan Sand's Will, as I thought I heard. It also seems there's a campaign for Shadowrun based on the Will, though it's in french.

Dunkelzahn's Will:

French campaign:

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Con, August 2016: 2nd Chance Con

This week's hosts: Liam, Ian and Eoin.

This week, we take a look at 2nd Chance Con, being run in the Teachers Club, Parnell Square on August 20th and 21st in Aid of Oxfam Ireland.

Show notes:

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