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Cha: Shane sits down live at ConFESS (in fact, all our episodes are recorded live) with Jude, Wayne, Dwane, Dave and Joe, the boys of the Flat Earth Society to talk about the lifespan of the convention that's burning out rather than fading away, from inception to grand finale. Features:
  • Power struggles
  • The craic
  • The origin of Flat Earth
  • Grassroots Magic
  • Solidarity through t-shirts
  • The classic double-take
  • Just another transvestite on The Wall
  • Sligo infiltration
  • The epic pub quiz
  • Multiple Gamer Olympic gold medallist
  • Gamers who both know AND like each other
  • Peer pressure to marry
  • The high-Dex convention
  • Epidemic friendliness
  • Ultimate relaxation
  • The Emergency Wargame Coordinator
  • Half-assed pirates
  • A town of former mental hospitals
  • The touch of DEATH
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+1 Exp: Part 2 of the excited banter about those adventure game book things has Dizzy aiding Dave and humbug on the enthusiastic side and Tom not aiding Shane on the somewhat confused side. Features:
  • New Fighting Fantasy Books
  • The first thing Dave ever GMed
  • Only a dream
  • Schoolboggers
  • Robin of Sherwood
  • Budget survival education
  • Entries snobbery
  • "The reader is a person reading a book"
  • Happy anger
  • The Deathometer
  • A thin shaft of blue light with laughing scary faces in it
  • Leather facemask
  • How to win a girl
  • Strange outlandish clothes
  • Escape from the valley of the dinosaurs
  • Tricky puzzles
  • Shane's £550 DVD player
  • Bearded shouty king
  • Sim Ninja
  • The one-sentence D&D campaign
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Exp: A full house of hosts with reviews and previews, except that Oisín insists he hasn't played anything new ever. humbug is in with first impressions of Twilight: 2013, Dave carefully conducts a spoiler-light consideration of the Pegasus expansion for a game about a space-ship, Shane rips into the redcoats of Duty & Honour and finally Liam's up with Small World after all. Features:
  • Twilight: 2013
  • Game of the Year 1985!
  • Wolverines
  • What happens to Ireland
  • The Dark Sun character archetype
  • Rolling your Fieldcraft
  • Unhamminess
  • Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus
  • A game about another space-ship
  • Treachery!
  • Bits in the box
  • Like a brig
  • Duty & Honour
  • How many groats are in a... eh.
  • You get the sex?
  • A large moustache
  • Donkey-tending
  • Your physical pain-hole
  • A go on a horse
  • 4 shots a minute
  • Small World
  • Guys sitting on tiles
  • The same rebuttal
  • Mildly amusing flying giants
  • The little icon
  • One for everybody in the audience
  • The greatest game in the history of the world
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Int: With the last ever ConFESS drawing perilously close, Shane, Liam, humbug and Oisín preview what's announced for the line-up there. Features:
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Bluff vs Scrutinise: Shane, humbug, Dave and Liam present the ultimate bluffer's guide to Deadlands - information and pre-packaged opinions to enable even the most ill-informed gamer to blend into a conversation like a suave secret agent. It's a bit like My Fair Lady, with breaking chairs over peoples' backs. Features:
  • IrishGaming.Com
  • What an RPG is
  • Deadlands
  • Damn Yankees
  • California doing what it does
  • Spells that cost an arm and a leg
  • No, YOU'RE open-ended
  • Authentic frontier gibberish
  • Pavlov's poker-playing dogs
  • Failed Cognition check
  • The anomaly in botching
  • Grim servants o' death
  • Spades like what you'd dig a grave with
  • Women in human society
  • Crazy Dave
  • Zombie Mad Max
  • Deadlands in SPAAAAAAAAACE
  • Weirdness arms race
  • My d12s cry themselves to sleep because I've been touching them inappropriately.
  • John Wayne humbug
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