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Aug 20, 2014

This week's hosts: Cian, Humbug, Eoin and Oisin

On the Adventuring Party this week, we talk about abusive jerks and how they can jerkily abuse a game... though we find that the line which seems so clear in Wargames and CCGs gets a bit blurry when it comes to RPGs.

Show notes:

We start off talking about RPGs. If you'ld like to hear the other topics, have a look down  through the show notes for where they start.

  • 1.05: I do not.
  • 6.41: And like a damn trooper, Humbug answers the question anyway. Good man!
  • 8.51: Rule Zero is a pan-RPG social rule that applies to all games. Like Oisin, I would have said the Rule Zero was "The GM makes the rules; don't argue with the GM" – however, 1d4chan says that's called the Golden Rule, and that Rule Zero is actually "Roleplaying games are entertainment; your goal as a group is to make your games as entertaining as possible." I like both rules, whichever name you choose to give them.
  • 10.30: Eoin is speaking accurately, if not exclusively, of me there.
  • 11.46: Quote of the Episode (first time I've given it to myself, but I like the following): “If I'm the GM... I AM THE UNIVERSE”
  • 20.10: That's a thing that actually happened 
  • 25.05: Humbug's always on the prowl for inexperienced 14-year-olds. Hey oh!
  • 27.40: That's Eoin tut-tutting there, by the way.
  • 35.20: Eoin is referring here to the very popular X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight
  • 39.28: BROTHER! 
  • 40.52: I didn't find a GMs Girlfriend meme, but it does have a TV Tropes page 
  • 41.01: “Ladies” count – 2


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