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Discussing tabletop and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to

Oct 19, 2016

This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, Icecream, Mary

This week, we have the first half of our Gaelcon Preview, featuring RPG's and Larps

Show Notes:

    00:40 - Eirtakon
    01:52 - Icecream extolls the benefits of Whatsapp
    02:35 - Where Liam forgets how to read a Calendar. Gaelcon is on from Friday 28th- Monday 31st Oct
    03:55 - Where Mary takes Con placement personally
    04:55 - Get your Gaelcon T-shirt!
    06:24 - You requested an opening tirade sir!
    07:05 - Convocation of the five pointed Stars Larp
    07:30 - Icecream has a minor technical issue/Fixes a problem... depending on your point of view
    08:25 - Spellcheck doesn't catch everything you know
    10:38 - Everyone is shocked at Graham's tent
    11:32 - Pathfinder Society
    14:36 - Mary Apologises for snoring
    16:10 - It Takes a Village
    18:43 - Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse!
    19:07 - Liam shows off his lung capacity
    19:46 - No matter what Eoin says, The Adventuring Party does not reccomend hitting fellow gamers with steel chairs
    20:50 - Breaking your hand on a pane of glass... the perils of live TV
    21:17 - Icecream and Mary fight over the Midway RPG
    22:12 - Icecream expresses his undying love for the Savage Worlds system
    23:07 - Mel Gibson is almost definitely not here
    25:11 - The Dracula Dossier
    26:30 - Snorting, Snuffling and Slurping... oh my!
    27:11 - #Feminism nano games
    28:00 - Glorious Bedlam
    29:17 - Supernatural: Family Ties
    31:28 - Return to Scuttlebutt Island
    32:54 - We'll get letters... angry Adventure Time letters
    33:24 - Star Wars: The Old Republic Larp!
    35:11 - The Last Will and Testemant of Dr Ramsey St John